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Welcome to the NEW AngelSpace Website! Here you’ll find information and news about Rochester Diocese’s largest Worship Event for young people. Have a look at what we’ve been up to, and find out more about what we’ve got planned in the future.


AngelSpace THIS Sunday – 27th June 2010

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In a change to the advertised schedule, due to the World Cup, AngelSpace will be taking place at St. Justus Church Rochester, from 6-8pm, THIS SUNDAY – 27TH JUNE 2010. For more information, contact the Diocesan Office on 01634 360000.

Love 2010, Love AngelSpace

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Fight for this ….? :: Where is the ….? :: Everybody in ….? :: All you need is ….?
AngelSpace is back for 2010 and this year we’re going to be thinking about LOVE. We’ve got 4 events planned throughout the year, and we’re going to be using workshops, worship, teaching, and more to unpack who we’re called to love, and what that REALLY means. For those who’ve been before, we’ve planned some changes to AngelSpace, so watch this space. Click after the break for more info!
Make you feel my ….? :: How deep is your ….? ::How deep the Father’s …. for us?
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Advent Conspiracy comes to AngelSpace

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As the rain fell, young people from all over the Diocese descended upon Rochester Cathedral for the 12th AngelSpace. Those who gathered were there to become part of the Advent Conspiracy – a campaign to think again about what Christmas means to us. Workshops helped us think about worshipping fully, spending less, giving more, and loving all. Check our photographs from the evening here. You can find out more about the Advent Conspiracy here.

Communion at AngelSpace

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AngelSpace 11 saw us think about what it meant to be holy. We wrote holy things, made holy things, and thought about holy things, finishing with a eucharist. You can see the photos from the event here. You can see also what everyone got up to in the photobooth by looking at the photos here. You’ll need the password – angelspace.

Join the Advent Conspiracy

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Be part of the Advent Conspiracy on 22nd November 2009. Taking place from 6-8pm at Rochester Cathedral, AngelSpace will be thinking about the scandal of Christmas – about how we need to subsitute consumption for  compassion. Check out the campaigns website here for more information. Click below to see the video!

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Psalmists born at AngelSpace

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Sunday saw over 150 young people descend on the Cathedral. Photos and comment will follow, but for the moment we wanted to share with you some of the Psalms people wrote during the evening. Each one was written by lots of different people, each of whom wrote a line – read through them after the break, and see God’s inspiration in each one.

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27th September 2009

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The next event has already been planned for September and we are very excited about it! We have lots of treats in store, so I hope you can come on over to the Cathedral for a great evening!It starts at the usual time of 6pm and will be finished by 8pm. The event is free to all, but there is a cafe, so you may want to bring some cash for that!

Featuring at the next event will be: ‘The Photo Booth’, ‘Giant Games’, ‘Art’, Worship and sooooo much more besides! All of this will be surrounded around a special Holy Communion service. We’re looking forward to seeing you there – look out for the next bunch of flyers, they are coming to a church leader near you! If you would like some flyers to give to your friends, then get in touch!

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Poverty & Hope @ AngelSpace

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Well, our ninth AngelSpace came and went last night! We are now in our third year with three more events this year. We had a great night last night with 200 young people from all over the Diocese of Rochester. I am always amazed at how far people come for AngelSpace.

Our theme last night was Poverty & Hope and we had special guests in Christian Aid, USPG and Kent & the Wider World. Each of these organisations identify one project that they are supporting across the world and ask the parish churches in the Diocese to raise money for these projects. I think it is an amazing idea and is headed up by the Bishop of Tonbridge. We weren’t asking young people for money last night but hoped to raise awareness of these projects, the people running them and the organisations who exist to support.

GYFC once again did an amazing job with a fun and action packed simulation game and Jean and Murray did a great job hosting the event. We ended the evening packed into the High Alter where we broke and shared bread ‘for a broken world’. It was an amazing experience and a humbling one. Seeing so many amazing young people in a sacred, holy place singing Taize and a song of lament in the Jeff Buckley song of Alleluia.

So, thank you to Christian Aid, KWW, USPG, Matt and GYFC for all your workshops and activities.

The next AngelSpace event is on Sunday 21st June, 6pm. See you then!

AngelSpace is coming!

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Here we go again! AngelSpace is coming around the corner. I hope you can join us on Sunday 8th February at 6pm for an evening full of fun, worship, faith provoking workshops all around our theme Poverty & Hope! We will be joined by Christian Aid, USPG and Kent & the Wider World doing some very exciting things! Don’t forget it’s a free event and we start at 6pm…you might want some cash for the cafe…hot chocolate is definately on the menu!

See you next week!

Dates for 2009

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We have finally fixed some more dates for AngelSpaces in 2009! Click here to find out when we’ll be taking over Rochester Cathedral for some more exciting worship. Also, check out information about AngelFest here.
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